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Prices are in Euro and do not include the Italian VAT (that will be applied on the final invoice, unless you have the European VAT).
Prices printed in our catalogue are fixed until 30/6/2011.
In case of discrepancies between prices of our catalogue and prices of our site, valid prices will be those published on this site.
Payment can be made in the following ways:
• Anticipated bank transfer, 4% discount
• Credit Card, 1% discount
• PayPal 1%, discount
For more detailed information about payment click here.
We normally keep all the goods in stock and dispatch them a few working hours after payment has been finalized.
Prices are ex-factory (transport not included). 
It is possible to use our carrier or your own. We have a network of transporters that offer quick and reliable service. Preestablished rates are available for most countries. For light-weighing articles (such as, for example, foamboard, corrugated cardboard, stretched canvas for painting and easels) freight costs are based on volume and not on weight.
The minimum order is 200€.
We can accept orders also below such amount, but we apply 5€ administration fees if the total is lower than 200€ and 10€ fees if the total amount is lower 100€.
We suggest anyway that you do not make too small orders as transport would bear heavily upon the total costs.
The minimum order quantity for mouldings is 12 metres (6 metres if the metro price is higher than 5€). You can order however a lower quantity but with a 20% surcharge. The quantity must be anyway of at least 3 metres, that is one moulding.

Goods travel at customer's risk and responsibility. The responsibility for damage or loss of goods during transport is of the individual transporter.
We suggest that you carefully check the transport documents with the items received. If you have complaints with the goods themselves, please contact us within 8 days.
Our orders are always checked by two employees before delivery but, occasionally, errors can occur. Please contact us and do not return goods before our confirmation.